Working With Aberdare Community School

Principal Consultant Richard Jones outside Aberdare Community School

Principal Consultant Richard Jones outside Aberdare Community School

Accessible Wales is pleased to say that Principal Consultant Richard Jones met with Aberdare Community School’s Headteacher Sue Davies and Rhondda Cynon Taff Education Authority’s Esther Thomas to discuss the access for people with disabilities at the school.

Discussions took place as Accessible Wales have been asked to study the access in and around the school.  Principal Consultant Richard Jones was taken on a tour of the school and cannot express enough how impressed he was with what was on offer in the school regarding facilities, curriculum and staff attitude.

The school is a new building, however, in the past it has often been the case that what is accessible on paper isn’t necessarily accessible in practice.  Rhondda Cynon Taff are taking the proactive step to ensure that they have a working understanding of the schools accessibility, and for that they should be commended.

Principal Consultant Richard says:

Access isn’t always about ramps and steps, approximately 8% of people with disabilities use wheelchairs.  We strive to help our clients improve access for people with all abilities.  It is important to remember that making access changes does not always cost vasts sums of money, sometimes something as little as moving a chair or a table can make a huge difference.

All our access reviews are written from the viewpoint of a service user, led by Principal Consultant Richard Jones we not only have a theoretical knowledge of access issues but also a practical knowledge of day-to-day issues.

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