Forging Relationships with Merthyr Council

Forging Relationships with Merthyr Council

Monday 16th May I attended the launch of the Remain Campaign in Merthyr

Monday 16th May I attended the launch of the Remain Campaign in Merthyr

After recently attending the launch of the Remain campaign in Penderyn Square, Merthyr Tydfil I had the pleasure of meeting Cllr Brendan Toomey Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council’s Leader.  We had a brief chat and swapped contact details.

Since then Brendan and I have communicated via email and social networking, a meeting was arranged for me to meet with Kerry O’Donovan, Corporate Risk and Equalities Manager for Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council.  From our communications Brendan appeared to be an approachable and positive thinking person, keen to look at equality issues.

Kerry O'Donovan and I outside Merthyr's Civic Centre

Kerry O’Donovan and I outside Merthyr’s Civic Centre

Kerry and I met yesterday, a glorious Tuesday morning, at the Civic Centre, a picturesque and prestigious building which appeared to be wheelchair accessible on the ground floor.

Merthyr's Civic Centre

Merthyr’s Civic Centre

We discussed the services Accessible Wales offers such as the training consultancy and access consultancy service.  The meeting was very positive and Kerry and I we will be discussing opportunities on an ongoing basis.  We also discussed our non-profit sister organisation Accessible Newsicon_external and the work we undertake, for more information visit the website.

Kerry has an excellent attitude towards equality and progressing with improving equality awareness and I look forward to working with him in  the future.

I’d like to thank both Brendan for arranging to the meeting, and Kerry for taking the time to meet me.  I thought the meeting was excellent and both Accessible Wales and Accessible News can forge strong relationships with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council in order to benefit its staff, business, groups/organisations and residents.

If you would like to meet with me to discuss the services my company offers or would like to know more about Accessible News visit our contact page.

Thanks for your time.




Richard Jones

Principal Consultant

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