Boosting Students Knowledge at Coleg Y Cymoedd

Boosting Students Knowledge at Coleg Y Cymoedd

In February Accessible Wales announced it would be working with Coleg Y Cymoedd to train their students, you can read the blog post here.

Students from Aberdare Campus of Coleg Y Cymoedd recently took part in a one-hour Introduction to Disability Awareness as part of the BOOST programme.

Students from Coleg Y Cymoedd BOOST programme
Students from Coleg Y Cymoedd BOOST programme

The students were from the Health & Social Care department and made the following comments when completing feedback forms.

“The session was fun and interesting and allowed me to have a better understanding of the terms and the correct of the terms and the correct way to communicate.  The activity allowed us to experience the difficulties others may face and was fun.”

“This session went really well and I was able to gain an understanding on disability.  It helped me learn a lot more and I am thankful to have this opportunity.”

“This was a fun and interesting activity.  It helped me improve my knowledge on what a disability is and how to support an individual if they are visually impaired.”

“Fabulous course”

Rebecca Roberts, Campus Services Supervisor made said the following on the training received by Coleg Y Cymoedd students:

The workshop that Richard and his team delivered at Accessible Wales, was fantastic.  All the learners provided excellent feedback, and commented the workshop was so inspiring they were keen to secure more.  As they are working with vulnerable people, who are disabled, the insight to disability awareness helped with their studies.  The workshop had an element of practical work which they thoroughly enjoyed.

I will look forward to working with Richard and the team, to deliver more workshops throughout the year.

Principal Consultant Richard Jones makes the following comment:

Having met with Rebecca this week I am pleased to say that we will be continuing to work with students from Coleg Y Cymoedd undertaking a variety of courses in the future.  We are looking forward to continuing to work with such a great education provider as well as helping to make a difference to those students attending our courses.

If you would like more information about the flexible training programme Accessible Wales offers please visit our Training Services Page.

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