Accessible Wales… in association with the Access Association

Access Association Member 2020/2021
Access Association Member 2020/2021

Accessible Wales is proud to announce it is a member of the Access Association.  The Access Association is a national network of individuals who are passionate about access and inclusive design.  Their aim is to provide peer support and sharing knowledge.

We has been open for 13 years and as we enter a new phase in our life we are going to be developing our access consultancy service.

Above are just some of the companies and organisations who have benefited from our access service since we opened in 2007.

Richard Jones, Principal Consultant and founder had the following to say:

I am delighted that Accessible Wales has joined the Access Association. We initially opened up with the view to solely looking at access but then there was a desire from our clients for Disability Awareness Training.  I feel that as we move in to the new normal post-Covid, access improvements will be more important than ever.  That is why we want our fingers on the pulse to keep up to date with the latest legislation and best practices. Being a member of the Access Association will allow us to do that.

I’m of the firm belief that access is a right not a privilege and as such we should do all we can to make society more accessible

Over the next four months Accessible Wales will be concentrating on developing the access services currently offered with a view to re-launching it in early 2021.  If you would like to know more about the services offered currently please visit our access consultancy page.