Anti–Bullying Week, Monday 15th – Friday 19th November

Anti–Bullying Week

Monday 15th – Friday 19th November

Anti–Bullying week is a week that most primary schools take part in, bullying strategies and education should be done as part of the curriculum.

Accessible Wales’ has been delivering Disability Awareness Training for over 10 years and primarily our hope is that people are kind to each other!

Differences should be celebrated, it’s what makes us unique!  Everyone should be there to help and support each other.  We can help with this, whether it is young people taking part in our Percy Pickdon Anti–Bullying Courses or adults participating in any of our awareness training courses.

Bullying is never okay in any circumstance and whether its Anti–Bullying week or the rest of the year we’ll be here hoping we make a difference!

Percy Pickdon
Percy Pickdon

You can find out more about Anti-Bullying week here

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