Out-of-town Developments: Are they a moreaccessible option for disabled people?

Out-of-town Developments: Are they a more accessible option for disabled people?

Having read with interest a recent report on BBC News about Out-of-town developments affecting town centre trade we write today with some
thoughts on the debate between out-of-town shopping developments versus the traditional town centres. An aspect of this debate that is
often overlooked is access for disabled people.

Aberdare Town Centre
Aberdare Town Centre

Accessible Wales are big supporters of the traditional town centre, with many friends owning or working in businesses on the high-street. They can be the heart of a community, bustling with shops, cafes, and other amenities. However, they can pose significant challenges for disabled people.

Principal Consultant, Richard Jones believe that out-of-town developments have huge benefits for disabled people, but also makes the following comment:

I am a big supporter of the town centre and would strongly urge decision makers to invest more time and money in improving access. If thought was put in to the access and provision in a town centre and disabled people were engaged with a big difference could be achieved.

Accessible Wales is willing to work with any business or town planner to help improve access as are many other access consultants and access groups, it’s just a case of reaching out and engaging. Download a fully copy of our statement here , for more information contact us using the contact us page.

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