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Llhanharan Sub Post Office

Llhanharan Sub Post Office

Accessible Wales offers consultancy regarding access for people with disabilities. This service may be as small as writing a brief access review for a small local shop or carrying out full access management of a newly created public building. With a team of three highly experienced auditors and a wealth of knowledge on disability and access issues you can rest assured that we will carry out your access consultancy to the highest possible standard.

Accessible Wales’ Access Consultancy Services aim to provide a user-friendly, detailed assessment with recommendations, supported by photographs and diagrams where appropriate.  Please visit our Testimonials page.

Accessible Wales’ Access Consultancy Services provide an Action Plan to assist our clients to demonstrate their commitment to eliminate discrimination. Successful completion of the Action Plan will raise the company services & buildings towards a more inclusive environment which is easier for everyone to use. Below are the access related services we provide:

Accessible Wales Flagship Access Client The Glancynon Inn

Accessible Wales Flagship Access Client The Glancynon Inn

The development of legislation to improve the rights of disabled people is an ongoing process. From 1 October 2004, Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 has required businesses and other organisations to take reasonable steps to tackle physical features that act as a barrier to disabled people who want to access their services.

This may mean to remove, alter or provide a reasonable means of avoiding physical features of a building which make access impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled people.

Examples include:

·        Installing a ramp to coincide with steps
·        Providing larger, well defined signs for people with a visual impairment
·        Lowering counters for wheelchair users or people who are short in stature.

This service comes in two formats, an informal Walkthrough Access Review and a Detailed Access Audit, both these services are outlined below.  If you wish more information, or would like to talk to us about booking these services please do not hesitate to contact us.  Remember all our access services can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients.[divider]
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This will consist of a one day informal walkthrough audit with a member of your staff addressing access issues, paying particular attention to those issues that are remediable quickly and those which are major areas for concern.

Clients would then be provided with a table of recommendations and solutions to overcome these issues. This table will also outline priorities. For more information visit our Downloads page and download our service guide.

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This will consist of a full access audit on the premises of the company in question. This will involve an auditing team spending time analysing everything in the building including printed material, steps, lights etc. Photographs and measurements will be taken for the purpose of writing the report up, a video may also be recorded on larger premises in order for accuracy when compiling the report.

After our audit has been carried out you will receive a report based on the access of your building and services. The report addresses the accessibility for people with a range of disabilities including people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning difficulties and wheelchair users.

The report will address such issues as the width of doors, turning room for wheelchair users, the size and type of font on signs and literature etc. It will also address issues of staff training, building location and surrounding area. All findings and recommendations are supported with photographic evidence and are based on current legislation and guidelines.


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