Walkthrough Access Review

Our Walkthrough Access Review service is an informal review of the current access to a building/service, the client is invited to attend the review as our team go on a journey through the building reviewing access for a wide range of disabled people. One  of our highly trained and very experienced  Access Advisor will explain the “quick wins” and suggest longer term access improvements. While that happens a member of our team will make notes on access issues, taking photographs for reference.

Clients will receive a summary report highlighting problem areas and offering potential solutions to overcome these issues, this document will also outline priorities and be supported by photographs and underpinned by current legislation and best practice.  The summary report will work as a benchmark assessment of current access provision and as a planning tool for future access improvements.

Clients receiving any of our access services will be supported by our team to make access improvements in the future. All our team members are highly trained in the area of access and inclusion.

This service can be commissioned for buildings, which consist of one room (such as Morgan’s Fishbar, Aberdare) to large buildings such as Prince Charles Hospital.

Morgan's Fishbar
Morgan's Fishbar

You can read testimonials from some of our clients by visiting our Testimonial Page, if you’d like to know more about this service or speak to one of our team on how we can best help you please call us on 01685 810432Telephone Icon or email info@accessible.wales.