Detailed Access Review

This will consist of a full access audit on the premises of the company in question. This will involve an auditing team spending time analysing everything in the building including printed material, steps, lights etc. Photographs and measurements will be taken for the purpose of writing the report up, a video may also be recorded on larger premises in order for accuracy when compiling the report.

After our audit has been carried out you will receive a report based on the access of your building and services. The report addresses the accessibility for people with a range of disabilities including people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, learning difficulties and wheelchair users.

The report will address such issues as the width of doors, turning room for wheelchair users, the size and type of font on signs and literature etc. It will also address issues of staff training, building location and surrounding area. All findings and recommendations are supported with photographic evidence and are based on current legislation and guidelines.