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Since it’s conception in 2008 our Training Service has gone from strength to strength training delegates from all four corners of Wales representing a varied range of organisations.  You can download our new Training Consultancy Service Flyers here.

With COVID restrictions and hybrid working in mind, we have moved to offering online training alongside our in person training, all our training is carried out in real time and can be offered at times to suit your staff/volunteers.  The content is customisable and largely based on the courses we would offer in person.

We are currently offering four training courses all of which are available in person and online, more information can be found by clicking the links below.  Block bookings are catered for, training courses can be created to suit the needs of your organisation.  We also offer open training courses which are open to anyone, these will be advertised via our website and social media, we will in time publish a training calendar of dates.

No two courses are the same; even the open courses vary as they are tailored to the needs of those attending.

Not sure about training, let us tell you why it’s important

Good quality service is priority for any organisation serving the public, how we meet and communicate with service users are vitally important. Customer service training is largely accepted as normal practice, however, in order to successfully serve disabled service users more specific training is required.  Disability related training for staff members should be implemented as part of any induction or ongoing training strategy.

According to the Annual Population Survey (October 2020) there are 416,600 disabled people in Wales.  Additional research has shown that in the United Kingdom 1 in 5 people are disabled, this is a large section of society that can often be affected by inaccessible and inconsiderate service provision.

The volume of repeat business in sectors such as travel and leisure is proof that disabled service users, their family and friends, will display loyalty to a service where their needs are understood. Training will greatly improve the quality of service you can provide which should result in improved staff morale, service user satisfaction, and raised profile for your organisation.

Disabled lady paying by card
What are your thoughts on access?
Man working from home using a laptop
Man working from home using a laptop

For information on the courses we provide click the links above, if you’d like to know more about what delegates have thought when they’ve attended our “in person” training visit the testimonials page.

We continuously monitor and update our training to give delegates the most up-to-date best practice.  Hopefully they will understand the issues surrounding disability and feel comfortable and confident in their interactions with disabled service users.

For more information telephone 01685 810432Telephone Icon or email . You can also download our Training Consultancy Service Flyers here.

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