Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training 

Could your staff and volunteers do more for your disabled service users?  In many cases businesses, voluntary organisations, statutory bodies are regularly worry about doing or saying the wrong thing and can often solve the problem by not doing anything at all.  Are you anxious that you could be providing a better service to disabled service users and want your staff to know best practice?

Zoom screen training group January 2021
Zoom screen training group January 2021

Worry no more, our training provides an opportunity to explore these fears and concerns and find out more about “disability”. It aims to help delegates realise that providing a service to disabled people is fundamentally common sense, courtesy and good customer care.

Accessible Wales flagship training course has now gone virtual with real time 3 hour sessions booked with Principal Consultant Richard Jones.  Our courses are informal, highly informative, very affective and at times, highly amusing! To find out more about this course, why not download our new Disability Awareness Training Flyer.

Topics Covered:

  • Explore existing perceptions and understanding of disability – delegates will look at the knowledge they currently hold on the term disability.
  • Customer Service Scenarios – these scenarios will be generic for our open courses, however, they will be industry specific for those clients who block book training.
  • A Glimpse into Access – this section will provide delegates with a brief overview of some of the access issues that can arise in the professional environment.
  • Appropriate Communication Methods – appropriate etiquette when serving or working with disabled people is the focus of this section, along with tips for signs and texts.
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Below are extracts from the feedback received from the first time we carried out this course:

I liked that it raised my awareness. That it was straightforward to follow but thought provoking.

Fab training. Caused me to assess whether our building is fit for purpose.

Another delegate made the following comments:

I liked the interaction of the two trainers, it was nice to have trainers with a sense of humour as helped create an atmosphere of
trust and openness.

A great course, delivered with great passion and excellent to listen to the shared experience of the trainers, helped really set ourselves in the shoes of a person with disability.

When asked “What where your likes and dislikes about the event?” a third delegate said:

Good examples; but mostly that the trainer was disabled – that worked really well. The two trainers had a very good rapport; which made the session more enjoyable. No dislikes.

A undertaking online training on his kitchen table
A undertaking online training on his kitchen table

Give us a call to find out more, all our courses start from £40 per person with block bookings being catered for.  Course numbers are limited per session due to the sensitive topics being discussed. Please use the contact form to let us know your requirments so we can advise how best to approach your training needs.

We have some feedback featured above, however you can find some of the feedback from our “in person” training by checking out our Testimonials Page for references on our training courses or visit our Feedback Page for individual comments from our courses.

For more information telephone 01685 810432Telephone Icon, email info@accessible.wales or download our Disability Awareness Training Flyer.

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