Disability, Evolving Over Time

Disability, Evolving Over Time

Disability, and the way society views it has changed over time, from Victorian era of disabled people begging for money to the adoption of the social model of disability in the 20th century.

This course explores the transition from the medical model of disability through to the modern day Social Model of disability and touches on the other models and approaches to disability.

Why does Franklin D. Roosevelt feature in our course?
Why does Franklin D. Roosevelt feature in our course?

The way society views disabled people has evolved considerably over time, and along with that how disabled people interact with society.  This course aims to illustrate where the current anti discriminatory legislation has derived from and what has shaped the disabled community to date.

Delegates will also be able to look at key events in the last one hundred years that have shaped the current model of disability and how disabled people and the wider social groups relate to each other.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Understanding more about the history of disability – looking at timeline illustrating how disability was viewed from the start of the 20th century to modern day.
  • How approaches to disability have evolved over time – this section examines the different approaches to disability and the different models used, it relates it to the changes in history.
  • Brief Overview of Equalities Legislation concerning disability – an overview of the current anti-discriminatory legislation.
What role do doctors play in our look at how disability has evolved?

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