Invisible Disability Awareness Training

This young father could have an invisible disability?
This young father could have an invisible disability

Over the past few years Invisible Disabilities or “hidden disabilities” have become more acknowledged by the public, however there are still many misunderstandings and stigmas following disabilities that aren’t obvious, Our ‘new look’ training course helps delegates become more wise of areas that affect people who have invisible disabilities.

In turn this course will make your service more accessible to service users and to be more understanding and knowledgeable in everyday society.

Topics Covered In The Course:

  • Understanding the term “invisible disability” – Only 8% of disabled people use a wheelchair yet people are still heard saying “they don’t look disabled!”
  • Looking at the statistics and preconceptions of invisible disabilities – reviewing the numbers around disability and the way people can be disabled.
  • Examine when hidden disabilities become a visible problem – People are still being judged for using accessible parking bays or accessible toilets.
  • Study the term reasonable adjustments – Where it’s come from and what it means to us.

Give us a call to find out more, all our courses cost £40 per person with block bookings being catered for.  Course numbers are limited per session due to the sensitive topics being discussed.  All our courses can be tailored to your needs and prices can be looked at for block bookings etc.

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Only 8% of disabled people use wheelchairs