Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives


As a disability consultancy company, the primary aim of Accessible Wales is to promote good accessibility for people with disabilities and raise awareness of the issues caused by inaccessibility.

Accessible Wales also aims to work with public, private and voluntary organization throughout Wales to help them offer the best possible services to people with disabilities. This in turn should hopefully empower people with disabilities to become as independent as possible.


  1. Raising awareness of issues faced by people with disabilities by carrying out disability awareness training for public, private and voluntary staff.
  2. Training delegates in disability related legislation. Helping to enhance their understanding of key pieces of legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 and building regulations such as Approved Document M.
  3. Setting up a program of training courses working with children and young people addressing subjects such as anti-bullying and disability awareness.
  4. Working with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to improve access for people with disabilities to their buildings. Access is a right not a privilege, good access empowers people with disabilities allowing them to play a full and active role in society.
  5. Engaging with the community, supporting disability related organisations, campaigns and events.

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